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March 4, 2019

5 Reasons Why Wedding Albums are Worth the Investment

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Wedding Album

1. Wedding Albums preserve your memories in a tangible way.

You may have all of the digital images living on your computer, and maybe a hundred or so on your phone, but how often will you go back to look through those images on a normal basis? We live in an age where just about everything we do lives on screens. Your wedding photos deserve more than to just live in the cloud. They deserve to be displayed and showcased proudly. They deserve a spot on your coffee table or in your living room. They deserve to be reminisced on, looked through, and shared with friends and family. You made a huge investment in your wedding day, so why not invest in preserving those memories?

2. Wedding Albums tell a story.

When I’m designing an album, I always organize the images chronologically so they can be relived in the same way the day played out. From time spent getting ready, to the moment you read a note from your groom and cried, to your first look, your ceremony, and on, you get to relive each moment as you flip through each page. Displaying a large print of your favorite portrait is wonderful (and I highly recommend it!), but it doesn’t allow you to remember each special moment of the wedding day in the same way an album will.

3. Technology is unpredictable and changes over time.

Remember VHS and Floppy Discs? Those were the up-to-date methods of technology for saving images and videos within the last 10-15 years. Now, if you asked me to play a VHS video or insert a floppy disc, I’d have to find a specialist or send it to a lab to access the data. Imagine what technology could look like another 10, 15, or 20 years down the road. Wedding albums ensure and protect that your images will withstand the test of time. Even if a USB flash drive doesn’t exist in 15 years, your album will. Even if your hard drive crashes or your computer is stolen, you will still have the highlights of your wedding day preserved. Even as technology changes, a beautiful, handcrafted album never becomes obsolete.

4. Wedding Albums are an heirloom to pass down through generations.

My grandma loved to take photos. She had her camera at every single family gathering. Every time we came to visit, she had a photo album with all of the pictures she had taken in the last few months, so she could show us what she had been doing and keep us up to date. Whether it was her luncheon at the church or a visit from a friend, she printed pictures of everything. It seemed over the top at times, but she certainly understood what it meant to preserve memories. Now, we have boxes and boxes full of albums with cousins at the annual family beach trip, get togethers, birthdays, reunions, and more. If she had never printed those, we wouldn’t have access to any of those memories. Imagine having an album of your wedding photos to show your children and grandchildren one day. I have spent hours researching handcrafted, high quality albums to ensure that I am offering a product I believe in. It’s important to invest in a professional, heirloom quality album that will withstand the test of time and elements.

5. Each Album is uniquely designed and customized to fit your style.

Whether it’s to reflect details from your wedding day or fit as the centerpiece of your new home together, your wedding album can look and feel exactly how you want it to. With linen fabrics, leather bindings, suede finishings, custom engraving, and more, your album is custom made to fit your home and your style. Each spread is designed to display your favorite photos. After the initial album design, you will receive a draft to ensure that each spread is exactly as you would like it.

If you are a bride looking to preserve your wedding photos, or an upcoming bride, be sure to reach out about creating your custom heirloom wedding album.


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