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February 4, 2019

5 Reasons Why I Became a Wedding Photographer

5 Reasons Why I became a wedding photographer / Karli Elliott Photography / Idaho Wedding Photographer

Why wedding photography? This is a question that people ask me a lot. Why not do marketing, or work for a corporation with steady pay and benefits and actually use your business degree? Why not just photograph cute families? Why put yourself under that kind of pressure? Okay, if I’m being entirely honest, maybe some of these questions are in my own head. They are questions I have asked myself a lot throughout this journey. I’ve found that defining my “why” behind what I do has determined exactly what it is about wedding photography that I really, truly love. These are the 5 reasons why I became a wedding photographer.

1. My heart is for serving couples and encouraging marriages.

From day one, I have believed that marriage should be celebrated. When my husband David and I got engaged, we were floored by the amount of people that responded with, “Oh boy, good luck! Marriage is hard. Like really hard,” or, “Whew, make sure you know what you’re getting into.” Though marriage is not always easy, we were completely taken aback by how negatively our culture views marriage. I get it. Relationships in general are

not easy, and combining your life with another human being until death do you part is a very heavy commitment to take on. However, I also believe that marriage is one of the most beautiful, sacred things a person can choose to do. I believe that we were uniquely designed for marriage and that living life together is far better than living life alone. That is why I make it my goal, first and foremost, to serve the couples I get to work with and encourage them in their marriages. My heart is for serving couples and reminding them of not just the hardship they are entering into, but they joy of starting their lives together.

2. The relationships I get to build with couples goes beyond that of just a client.

Weddings are unlike any other photo session. With a senior or family, I meet the client for an initial consultation (if we have time!) and then once again for their session a couple weeks later. With weddings, there is a much longer courtship involved. I meet the couple for their initial consultation and booking. Then, I take their engagement photos and get to know them during that session. I get to watch and follow along on Instagram for 9+ months as they find the perfect dress, have their bridal shower, or plan their honeymoon. I send numerous emails helping them determine their timeline, important details to bring, and what to prioritize on the wedding day. Finally, I get to spend 8-10 hours with them on their wedding day. Throughout this whole process, my wedding clients become more like friends, and that’s exactly what I aim for. I’m not just here to be the photographer you sort of met once that shows up on your wedding day. I am here to be a person that you trust, like, and know has invested deeply in your wedding day.

3. I get to capture the dream.

I dreamt for years about my own wedding, wedding photos, and the memories that would come from it. Dreaming of my own wedding is actually what led me to become a photographer in the first place. When I began following photographers and vendors in the wedding industry, I fell in love with the idea of being the person to capture it all. I find so much joy in helping other brides wedding dreams come to life through imagery.

4. It keeps me on my toes.

No single wedding is alike. I get to meet different people, shoot at different venues, and have a different experience each time. Wedding photography encompasses many different types of photography from portrait, to details, to candids, to photojournalistic. It requires me to bring my A game every time. Unlike any other session, I have little control over the light conditions and timing, and I certainly can’t reschedule if it rains or the sunlight is a little more harsh than I’d like. Wedding photography is always challenging me and forcing me to adapt and work under different conditions.

5. It’s my passion.

I’m not in it for the money. I’m not in it for the recognition, the popularity, or the instagram likes and followers. I’m in it simply because creating art and preserving memories from one of the most important days of a person’s life gives me life. It gives me a purpose and meaning in my job, other than just taking “pretty photos.” It goes way beyond becoming a well-known wedding photographer or getting published in a magazine. Like I said, I believe that marriage is so sacred and valuable. Getting to take part in that is one of the most meaningful things I could ever imagine doing.

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