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June 12, 2020

Newborn Lifestyle Session: Burton Family

I absolutely loved capturing this newborn lifestyle session for the Burton family. Newborn lifestyle sessions are the best for so many reasons. After staying in the hospital for a few days, there is nothing better than returning to your own home, your own fridge and food, and filling that nursery that has been awaiting your new baby. Newborn life brings enough stresses and exhaustion in itself, that having to worry about leaving the house is one more added thing. That’s why I love coming to my clients homes’ for their newborn sessions!

Outfit changes are handy to grab, pacifiers are nearby, and if you need to take a break to feed a fussy baby, it’s easy! It’s also truly special to capture the nursery you have carefully curated after months of nesting and preparing for your little one to arrive. From the handmade blankets to the customized baby books, to the bows hanging on the wall, I love capturing the little details.

As much as I adore those adorable, picture perfect studio shots, it’s so special to capture real life as it is. Though neither you or your husband are probably feeling your most glamorous running on 3 hours of sleep, you will be so happy to look back and have photos of you with your baby. You not only want to remember how small and precious they once were, but how overwhelmed with joy you felt as a new parent!

It was such a joy to capture the Burton family! We originally met Madison and Tyler through our young married’s community group at our church. They recently moved to Idaho after meeting and getting married in Montana. It has been so fun to have them as a part of our group, and we are so excited for them as they enter this new season of parenthood!

Mom with newborn baby kissing and smiling at newborn lifestyle session
Dad with baby at lifestyle newborn session
Mom and Dad with newborn baby at lifestyle in home session
Mom kissing baby at newborn lifestyle session
Mom Kissing baby at newborn lifestyle session
Little baby Yawns at Newborn Session
Dad and Baby at Newborn Lifestyle Session
Newborn Lifestyle Session Baby in Basket
In home Newborn Lifestyle Session Black and White Closeup
Newborn Lifestyle Session in Home and Baby
Newborn Lifestyle Session

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