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January 18, 2021

Dreamy Idaho Wedding Venues

Choosing a wedding venue can be a challenge, so we wanted to share a list of 5 Dreamy Idaho Wedding Venues we love! Your venue is one of the first and most important decisions you will make for your wedding day. There are so many things to factor in when making that choice: how many guests does it hold, where is it located, what does it look like, is there indoor space available, etc.! As a quick guide, we wanted to share some of our favorites after photographing so many weddings in Idaho.

Arling Center – Tamarack Resort – Donnelly, Idaho

Dreamy Idaho Wedding Venues - Tamarack Resort

This quaint little white chapel and event center is tucked into the gorgeous mountainside of Tamarack Resort. Tamarack is a recreational resort in Donnelly, Idaho which caters to both summer and winter activities! This venue boasts a courtyard, an indoor reception ballroom, and little white chapel. It’s simply what wedding dreams are made of. The property has numerous cabins, condos, and places to rent so you can make a weekend of it celebrating with your family and friends.  

Deer Flat Ranch – Nampa, Idaho

Dreamy Idaho Wedding Venues - Deer Flat Ranch

Deer Flat Ranch is an up and coming wedding venue in Canyon County right on the edge of Lake Lowell. We had the opportunity to shoot at this newer venue twice in 2020 and we fell in love! The adjacent large lavender field, and big grassy areas serve as a blank canvas for all of your wedding dreams! Large trees provide ample shade for a warmer ceremony, while shaded trails are perfect for cozy husband and wife portraits. This venue truly has it all. We have even heard talk of a new building coming for the summer of 2021! Take a look at our Romantic Deer Flat Ranch Wedding and our Dreamy Fall Deer Flat Ranch Wedding

Sixty Chapel – Garden Valley, Idaho

Dreamy Idaho Wedding Venues - Sixty Chapel

Sixty Chapel is a beautiful mountain oasis settled within the pines of Garden Valley, Idaho. Just an hour outside of the Boise area, Sixty Chapel offers a quaint mountain wedding experience with some of the most amazing views that you could ever imagine. From the romantic barn and getting ready suites, to a wide open grassy field with a view of the nearby mountain range, this venue has something to offer every couple! Another unique feature of Sixty Chapel are the on site guest houses! You can rent out a few unique cabins so that you don’t have to leave the property all weekend. Let’s get the party going! Check out this Sixty Chapel Fall Wedding to get into all of those mountain wedding feels! 

Trail Creek Cabin – Sun Valley, Idaho

While Sun Valley and Trail Creek Cabin certainly have a reputation for catering to the rich and famous, you don’t have to be a superstar to take advantage of this beautiful place! The charming cabin, perfectly manicured lawn, and Bald Mountain backdrop make for a wonderful template for your dream wedding day. Heading up to the Sun Valley mountains is also the perfect place to escape those hot Boise summer days! Located just a few minutes away from the famous Sun Valley lodge, you can enjoy a bit of the glitz and glam, while still enjoying all of the cozy chic cabin vibes. We also swoon over some of the amazing white tent set ups we have seen there. These are both adorable and practical, as they offer a bit of protection in case Mother Nature decides to act up! 

Still Water Hollow – Nampa, Idaho

Dreamy Idaho Wedding Venues - Still Water Hollow

If you have been to a wedding in the Treasure Valley, chances are you have stepped foot on the property at Still Water Hollow! One of the more popular venues in the state of Idaho, Still Water Hollow has something to offer every couple. From the adorable white chapel that sits in the middle of the property, a barn with seating for a few hundred, to a large space for an outdoor ceremony or reception, Still Water Hollow is a great venue for all seasons! Take a look at some of our work at Still Water Hollow, including this Winter Still Water Hollow Wedding and this Intimate Still Water Hollow Wedding.

Thanks for reading about our these 5 Dreamy Idaho Wedding Venues! If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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