October 22, 2021

Lush Fall Engagement Session

We are so excited to be sharing this Lush Fall Engagement Session today! We had the most amazing time with Kassidy and Casey on this gorgeous Wednesday night. While we had to make a last minute change of location due to weather, the second we arrived we knew it was a good choice! We did our best to stay warm, and captured the dreamy golden light and the most amazing scenery! It was so fun spending the evening with Kassidy and Casey and getting to know them a bit better!

Kassidy and Casey’s story is similar to ours! They met one another while Kassidy was still in high school and Casey was out! The day they first met was after a long day at a cheer competition. Kassidy said she knew Casey was serious when he still wanted to get to know her after seeing her with no makeup and sweatpants on. I think we can all relate to that to some degree! These two continued to progress in their relationship, and after 9 years together, Casey asked Kassidy to marry him!

They have so much in common with one another that it was an absolute no-brainer!

These two both love the outdoors! From snowmobiling to fishing, you can find Kassidy and Casey outdoors at all times of the year! These shared interests and experiences are such a huge part of their relationship. Kassidy and Casey are truly best friends with each other, and that is the foundation of the sweetest relationship!

We could not be more excited to celebrate and serve these two as they tie the knot next summer at Mint Barrel Barn. It will undoubtedly be an absolutely gorgeous day – and most importantly, these two will finally become husband and wife!

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