October 26, 2021

Idaho Fall Mountain Engagement

Rupa and Chris’s Idaho Fall Mountain Engagement was such a special evening! It was the most beautiful fall day and it was so much fun hanging out with this sweet couple! We loved getting to know them a little bit better, and capturing some gorgeous photos of them! You can just feel the love these two share, and it totally translated straight through to our cameras! We wandered through the mountains on what may be one of the last nice mountain days! We all got a little chilly towards the end, but it was worth it for the dreamy photos we captured!

Rupa and Chris met each other while they lived in the Portland area. Chris was from a really small town in southern Oregon. It just happened to be one town over from where Rupa’s parents were from!

Rupa and Chris hit it off immediately, and the rest is history!

After dating for a few years and moving to Boise together, they knew they wanted to get married. Rupa knew Chris had bought the ring he was going to propose with, but Chris wanted to keep it a surprise! Since she knew where the ring was being kept, Chris had to be a little sneaky. They were heading up to Sun Valley, but he knew if he moved the box, Rupa would know something was up! So, Chris left the box, and tied the ring in his pocket. It stayed there for 3 days while on their trip – talk about commitment! Chris pulled off the perfect surprise proposal in Sun Valley, and has a great story to go along with it!

We are so excited to celebrate Rupa and Chris at their wedding next summer at Kindred Vineyards! It will be a beautiful celebration, and we can’t wait to be there as these two tie the knot!

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